Scottish Highlands Cattle

Our Scottish Highlands Cattle are raised as a family. Calves are never separated from their mothers and are allowed to nurse as long as their mother permits. All of our pastures have some forested sections so the cattle get variety in their diet and access to the calming effect of natural woodlands.  They are NEVER fed grain.  We provide pasture, hay (dry grasses) and fresh water; and of course we love them!

We've Got Your Goat!

We raise our goats on pastures and in woodlands, so they have access to all sorts of leafy greens. We are your best source for a unique meat perfect for specialty cuisine.

More Than Just Fresh!

Vegetables and fruits with real backyard flavour and freshness. Heritage varieties grown organically using mulch and composted manure from our animals.

About Us

Ottawa Valley Farm to Fork is a mixed family farm, located in Scotch Bush, Ontario, 130 km West of Ottawa. Collectively, we bring to our farm a broad base of academic backgrounds and real-life expertise. Marshall has 30 years of professional consulting in landscape restoration and forest management. Kathleen has shared her passion for nutrition through consulting work across Canada. She has working with First Nations and Inuit on healthy eating, food security and maternal and child health programs.

Together, with our combined expertise, we produce sustainable, healthy food and work to strengthen the local economy.

We are Agroecology in Action!

What We Do

We are among the few farms that create gourmet foods from what we grow. By turning our grass-fed beef into sausage rolls and burgers and our organic potatoes into pierogi, we generate more value from a small area of land.

We lovingly raise Scottish Highlands Cattle, Dairy Goats and Free-Range Chickens.
We grow organic, heritage varieties of vegetables and fruits.
We grow community by hiring and training people from our community.